Ingleborough Marathon & Clapham Circuit Fundraising Event – Raise Money for Mountain Rescue Team – walk it or run it

The Challenge is a fundraising event for CRO, the Mountain & Cave Rescue Team who cover the Three Peaks and Malham are of the Yorkshire Dales. Walkers/runners are invited to take part and are asked to raise at least £25.00 sponsorship per person for the Ingleborough Marathon and £15 per person for the Clapham Circuit.

Of course we are always delighted when people raise more than this for us through sponsorship of their efforts in the Challenge, however provided any entrant makes the minimum donation to CRO they can also use the event to raise sponsorship for other charities.

For example some people donate half their sponsorship to CRO and half to another charity they support.

We do have some conditions:

  • ‘Good causes’ must be bona fide charities or established organisations
  • Entrants must make CRO aware of their intentions and obtain our agreement


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